What we do at Step 3 Consulting!

“Working with Step 3 Consulting has made a tremendous impact on my presentations skills, so much so that not only have I noticed but also my superiors – If you are interested in taking your presentations to the next level you are in the right place, I highly recommend working with Cameron Starnes.”

― L.W. Commercial Insurance Sales

If you would like to increase your sales, profit margins, and grow your business Step 3 Consulting is the right place to be!

We will start by analyzing where your business is right now, Finding out what need for your business to THRIVE! If that is Marketing ? Sales Training? Social Media ? Branding? WE have those tools.

Secondly – We find your best skill set and teach you how to use those skills to your advantage. Each of our clients go through a full DISC* Assessment that identities your behavior tendencies, both naturally & adaptive. Once you have those tools you can learn through weekly coaching to leverage your strengths, and adapt your weaknesses.

Trouble with the sales process?- OR your staff is having difficulties, selling, or closing? WE can help with that too. Click to Book Your Consultation for sales training classes or individual coaching sessions.

TEAMS: CEOs, Managers and Leadership members; learn your style, and the styles of those you lead. When you know your people you then can begin to speak “their” language and get the best out of your team. That in turn creates the winning culture you desire and the profits that everyone is working to achieve.

Have Better Harmony in the work place,

see Better Results and

Better your Bottom Line with

Step 3 Coaching and Business Strategies.

A smooth and high-functioning workplace does not happen by accident. It requires an intentional blending of talent, motivation, clearly communicated and understood objectives, and much more to reach optimum performance.

SO what are you waiting for? Book your first Consultation TODAY!