Speaking Engagements

I’d like to take a quick moment to share how wonderful it was to meet and work with you, Cameron Starnes. You were a true professional from the beginning to the end and had the group engaged the moment you were in front of us. The group felt you knew where we were coming from and understood the difficulties and challenging people we deal with. I thought you tailored a message that was spot on in the material, highly engaging, and humorous in your delivery. You held the attention of everyone the entire time you were talking. After having first-hand experience with your material & guidance, I would strongly recommend you for any future event referencing any sort of Conflict Resolution or Leadership, either inside or outside of my company.

Chris Colgan, Owner Country Financial

There are many different ways that I can help you and your company achieve your vision. With in-depth research into your business, I can provide motivational sessions to reenergize your company, DISC* analysis classes for leadership or the entire staff, Or we can set up a variety of sales training for your staff depending on the needs of your company.

Sales Training – We have a variety of plans available for training your sales force. These plans range from half-day sessions to any length customized to your needs. IF your sales force needs to make more money – CALL ME

Sales 101 — How to be successful in sales for the long term!

*DISC is a behavioral assessment measures and provides insight into four primary behavioral tendencies and emotions. It explores how these come together in a personal blend of style to create our DISC style. The purpose of learning DISC* is to help clients better communicate with those around them, build better networking relationships and therefore be more productive and profitable to not only themselves but also to the companies that employ them.

How to win at the Communication game! How to win with staff, co-workers and clients! We can do 2 hour or a whole day training on communication solutions. Everything from active listening to adapting to personality styles and making the most out of every conversation.

Systems are Sexy! How real freedom comes from creating rules and systems to work within! NO one wants to do one more task, spread sheet or organizational chart but all of those things actually bring you and your company freedom!