What is DISC?

DISC is a simple, practical, easy to remember, and universally applicable model. It focuses on individual patterns of external, observable behaviors.

Organizations who use the DISC concept increase effective communication and internal job
satisfaction. They have more productive teams and more harmony in the workplace. Personal
relationships are enhanced. Building rapport becomes easier. Interactions at work, home, or play
are more positive. People have less stress and even better physical and mental health.

MY goal is to help you as the client recognize, understand, and leverage your inherent strengths in your personal and professional life. AS a certified DISC practitioner I suggest all my clients first get an assessment done with me. This is a thorough 40 page DISC assessment of not only their natural DISC style but also their adapted style this allows us to discover how they are interacting in the world around them. The cost of the DISC assessment plus de-brief is $249.

You can book your DISC assessment and de-brief right here on-line. For more coaching options go to our COACHING page and to book me for Training and Speaking go HERE.

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I have started building a #3minto3StepsAhead video series I will publish here and on LinkedIn that has lots of FREE information about DISC and how it works! Feel free to view them and share them with your collogues and on your page! Contact me on getting started on building your own DISC profile.

Video 1 in the Series #3minto3StepsAhead
Leaving Voicemails & Emails
Careers for DISC Styles
Social Compatibility
Task Compatibility
HOW will you Know a Style When you See it?
On the phone with D & I
on the phone with S & C
Writing to the different styles
Communicating with different Styles