Step 3 Coaching is not only about you meeting your sales or business goals, but also about helping you to succeed in all areas of life.

  • All of my coaching starts with a DISC assessment – this in-depth look at your behavioral styles- Natural & Adapted.
  • Once we can understand where you are your internal and external tensions, then we can build a 90 day plan to execute a better system of building relationships, communication styles.
  • We understand that a life in balance is a life that works best for business as well as family, health and spiritual and emotional well-being.
  • That’s why our approach combines the very best in sales techniques and practices with common sense S.M.A.R.T. goals.
  • Whether working on a one-on-one weekly schedule with an individual sales person, or working with a CEO to profile individual employees, our coaching program can help you and your staff meet your goals and get 3 Steps Ahead of your Competition!
  • Let’s set up a consultation to work up a customized plan for you and your business needs.
  • Weekly Coaching $150 per session.
  • Book 6 weeks in advance get your 6th session ON ME! $900 worth of Coaching for $750!
  • CEOs/Leadership – 90 Days – 1 DISC Assessment – 12 Sessions – 2 Sessions w/Leadership – call for pricing.