Step 3 Coaching is not only about you meeting your sales or business goals, but also about helping you to succeed in all areas of life. All of my coaching starts with a DISC assessment – this in-depth look at your behavioral styles both in your natural state and your adapted state is the spring board to where we go next. Once we can understand where you are your internal and external tensions, then we can build a 90 day plan to execute a better system of building relationships, communication styles and understanding not only of yourself but also the clients you seek. We understand that a life in balance is a life that works best for business as well as family, health and spiritual and emotional well-being. That’s why our approach combines the very best in sales techniques and practices with common sense S.M.A.R.T. goals. All great things come with balance. Whether working on a one-on-one weekly schedule with an individual sales person, or working with a CEO to profile individual employees, our coaching program can help you and your staff get to your next goal and 3 steps ahead of your competition! Let’s set up a consultation to work up a customized plan for you and your business needs.