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Step 3 Consulting Celebrates 1 Year in Business!

Born out of the need for a better understanding of the sales process and a lack of good corporate training, Step 3 Consulting seeks to better the community through thoughtful, applicable training, mentoring, and coaching. Comprised of owner/manager training, group training, and one-on-one coaching we have all the levels you need to be successful. Step 3 Consulting also provides business development and strategic planning to companies to take a global look at their current sales situation, overall culture, marketability, and health. The heart and soul of this company are people, motivating people to live their best lives, through a deep understanding of themselves and communication with people around them. After all, people can be hard sometimes and we are all in need of a little more understanding even if it’s of ourselves! So let’s go on this journey together to work on the mental game of life, and work on our own dexterity and adaptability that create the success we all desire! Step 3 partners with individuals and corporations to connect companies with other essential vendors such as, but not limited to, branding, marketing, IT, web design, copywriters, trade-show entities, and merchandise suppliers.

Our Founder

Cameron Starnes 2022

Cameron Starnes, Founder and CEO

After years of working in sales as a growth-focused, motivated professional who exceled in creating positive working environments I decided to start my own consulting business. My goal is to help others replicate my success in generating bottom-line results using emergent business strategies to create new and innovative streams of revenue for companies while keeping current relationships as referral revenues. My extensive experience with business networking groups, such as Business Networking International (BNI), as well as companies’ customer management systems to increase business worked well for me and I knew it could have a positive impact on others. I have enjoyed educating both staff and prospective clientele on products and personality analysis, so moving into a career of helping others has been an easy transition. Never satisfied with the options and sales training I received, I knew it was time to start my own brand of sales consulting. That’s when Step 3 Consulting was born.

“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.”


Wayne Gretzky

Let’s build something together.